High Quality Android Apps

What is this all about?

This is the Website of the Echsecutables, a small software developing company run by me, Sebastian Schmittner, aka Echsecutor. We develop free and open source (FOSS) Android Apps with a focus on simplicity and usability.

Why is this interesting?

We build our software for you. Concretely, we avoid the use of standard user interface elements whenever such are not strictly necessary or would exclude users from our Apps. For example, pre-school children or visually impaired people might be unable to operate text menus and buttons, the use of which can often be circumvented.
You have the liberty to use, modify and even sell the original or your modified version of all our software in any way you like. We believe that software should be free as in freedom (or libre). There is a whole philosophy behind this idea. In particular, this is not about the price of our Apps, but about your rights as a user.
Concretely this means for all our Apps:
  • No Adverts
  • No in-App purchases
  • No social media links/plug-ins
  • No tracking
  • We do not collect any personal data
  • No links to external sites

Apps we develop

Echsecutable Memory Game

Android app on Google Play

This is a simple Memory game. The focus is on simplicity and usability. A three year old can handle this app. (We tried.)